Best Seasons To Use A Lawn Fertiliser

The lawn is considered to be one of the favorite places to sit around with family, play with children and pets and to even entertain guests at a garden party in the house. However, maintaining a beautiful lawn needs some dedication and thorough work as per a schedule which includes good fertilization.

There are different times of the year to fertilize the lawn according to the type of grass and the type of fertiliser being used. The best lawn fertiliser for your lawn can usually be considered by using the guide on the label of the bag which depicts the quantity to be used and when to use it. Here are a few tips to consider for the best time to fertilize your lawn for each season:

Early autumn:

This is normally the best time to start fertilizing the lawn as the grass is still growing and retaining most of its nutrients. But it is important to know the type of grass and the type of fertiliser as the fertilizing schedule will depend on this. This time of the year has a good climate as the weather is cool, soil is warm with plenty of rain which is the ideal environment for grass to form its roots and develop properly. This is also good time for grass seeds to germinate. The best lawn fertiliser is one where its essential nutrient content can be fed to the lawn slowly and effectively that is rich in nitrogen. This type will provide ample nourishment to your lawn.


The second season that is ideal for fertilizing the lawn is during spring. During spring the grass comes to life and this is the time that it would need most of the nutrients fed. It is important to fertilize the grass when it is about fifty percent green so that it can make the most use of the fertilisers. The quick release fertiliser is used to kill any weeds that are unnecessary without doing any harm to the grass.


During the summer, it is usually hard for the lawns because of various concerns like the excessive heat, drought and insects. Insects can be controlled by using a fertiliser with an insect control pesticide. Also, as most garden parties happen during this time, they tend to be trampled a lot by people and here the use of a fertiliser that releases its nutrients slowly; these fertilisers are called “slow release fertilisers” will help keep your lawn green and nourished throughout the year with lawn weed killer.


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