Home Automation Is Your Next Upgrade

The use of advanced technology for efficient and improved convenience, comfort and security is defined as automation. The extension of this technology for using in homes is known as home automation. It allows you and your computer to use the things more efficiently like you don’t need to get out of your bed to switch on or off the lights while your shower will automatically warm the water even before you wake up. Your television remote was probably one of the first automation devices used by you. Domotic is a new word coined referring to intelligent houses through the use of automation technologies. It can also be termed as digital homes comprises of multiple automated devices connected through home networks.

How to make your own Home Automated
It might sound a bit technical but you can start automating your home all by yourself. There are different levels of automation and tools readily available. Starting with the basic level, you should not find it too expensive. In ducted heating Melbourne, most of the automation devices are generally controlled using one remote. The technology which is majorly used behind this system is using infrared. It has the disadvantage that the remote is required to point at the application each time for using. But since it is as cheap as $10, this drawback can be easily neglected. You can get several devices linked to one remote and enjoy the benefits of technology.

Components You Will Need
A home automation system makes use of the following devices:
•    Sensors- The sensors work to detect and measure things like motion, temperature or humidity.
•    Controllers- These are devices which controls the automation application such as your computer.
•    Buses- Used for communication either between the applications or you and the application. These can be wireless or wired.
•    Interfaces- These are the devices for interaction between the applications (machines) or human to machine such as LED display.
•    Actuators- These are devices such as motors, motorized valves and light switches.
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•    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) – This system allows you to control temperature, humidity, fresh air and natural cooling. The system is internet controlled and advanced systems can open and close windows automatically.
•    Lighting- This feature enables a homeowner to automatically switch on or off lights based on a time cycle or can be arranged according to the presence or absence of a person in a room. Natural daylight can be made best use using light sensors which can be cost effective as well.
•    Audio-Visual- Home and entertainment appliances come under this category. It can link multiple audio video devices with lighting to define mood settings.
•    Security- An enhanced security system can include security cameras, central locking of all outside doors and windows and motion sensors to detect any unauthorized movement. The systems are well connected over internet and may even include fire and gas leaks detection system.
•    Intercoms- This technology connects multiple rooms through a microphone and a speaker enabling communication.
•    Shading- The curtains and blinds can be used several purposes including privacy, temperature, brightness and glare control.