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Computers are made up of many, many parts. The parts are known as hardware and often need replacing. Many people do not know where to buy computer parts and will replace an entire computer through their ignorance. Most computers can be upgraded and repaired with additional hardware and software added.

The collection of parts that make up a computer are referred to as hardware. From the circuit boards to the mouse. Anything that can be touched is part of the hardware. Alternatively, the elements that cannot be touched are referred to as the software. These include the programmes, instructions or anything that can be stored or run by the hardware.

Hardware includes, the monitor, the motherboard, the CPU, the RAM, expansion cards, the power supply, the optical disc drive, the hard disk drive, the keyboard and the mouse. All these parts can get very heated so computers also contain and inbuilt cooling fan.
The two main computers are a Personal Computer, also known as a PC and a laptop.

The monitor of a computer can come as a separate item or may be integrated into the main computer. With the rise in popularity of laptops, computers with monitors included serve the need for bigger memory capacity with the convenience of not have a bulky tower to contend with. Where to buy computer parts is a search that can save money on replacing the entire computer systems. An expert can advise whether or not to scrap the existing system or whether an update is possible. See this page to find more about computer parts.

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company. They specialise in PC hardware. ASUS work station along with monitors, motherboard, graphics cards, optical storage, severs, tablets and PCs are their speciality. The company’s slogan is: “Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection.”

The ASUS company is the fifth largest on the world and has won many awards for its outstanding economic growth and service to the industry.

The name of ASUS originates from the horse Pegasus from Greek mythology. The last four letters of the chosen brand were used to give the company a higher listing in alphabetical listings.

The company was established in 1989 by some engineers from the rival ACER Company. They really put Taiwan on the map in terms of its contribution to the computer revolution. Since then ASUS has been involved in many projects and partnerships with well known computer companies. Their technology can be found in many PCs and laptops today.

In December 2010, ASUS produced the world’s thinnest notebook. It was a mere nineteen millimetres in width. They have since branched into tablets, finding many other market too competitive.

ASUS has its headquarters in Taiwan but has manufacturing facilities all over the world. Whether you are searching for where to buy computer parts, ASUS work stations, tablets, laptops or nay computer needs, ASUS may help end your search.